As projects become increasingly more complex, Kanok’s full service capabilities ensures simplicity, efficiency and quality. By engaging us from conceptualization, blueprint development through production and installation. We manage the complexity of your project for you, saving time, money, and guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Blueprint and
Product Development

Our in-house development team has worked together for more than 10 years and is fully equipped with the latest software and expertise to fulfill customers'blueprint and product design needs.

Global Sourcing

Our sourcing capability has no boundary. From our experience and knowledge bank, we can offer our customers the best value possible. We know how to source the right materials at the right prices, and more importantly how to use these materials properly in order to deliver high quality solutions that really work, and do so at highly competitive prices.

Project Management

With more than 50 years experience managing large projects, the Kanok management team ensures all projects are administered efficiently and effectively, transforming plans to reality on time and with superior quality.

Production Team

Having completed more than 200 projects our production team has a wealth of experienced craftsmen are the key to our customers' satisfaction.